Chief of Staff with Ozmen Family Office

Company: Ozmen Family Office
Industry: Family Office
Location: Remote in New York
Position Type: Full Time
Workplace Model: Remote
Experience Level: 5-7 years
Reports to: Director - Eda Ozmen
The Ozmen Family Office is a privately held company, led by the Ozmen Family, dedicated to helping humanity make the world a better place by investing in innovation, education, entrepreneurship, and community. Key areas of focus for the family office include mental health and wellbeing, education and development, environmental issues, justice and equality, and quality of life for veterans and their families. The Ozmen Family is comprised of Eren and Faith Ozmen and their two children, Eda and Kerem.

Eren and Fatih Ozmen, both Turkish immigrants, are one of America’s most successful self-made couples who have built a world-class aerospace and national security company called Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and its new subsidiary Sierra Space. Their vision for making a positive impact expands beyond the walls of SNC and includes The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Reno and many other community-based and philanthropic endeavors.

Today, the Ozmen Family Office is led by Eren and Fatih’s daughter, Eda Ozmen, who is dedicated to purposeful, mindful, and passionate living. At the heart of her philosophy is a deep awareness and significance of the meaning of connection and belonging, specifically relationships. Her perspective is grounded in recognizing the complexity of early childhood development and understating the scientific basis that underlies the patterns that perpetuate dis-connection from ourselves and each other. Her primary goal is advocating for this awareness and education of the science behind our disconnection. Eda strives to achieve this by focusing resources on supporting projects, initiatives, and diverse populations through promoting the teachings of authentic leadership, innovation, and cooperation. Eda serves as a Board Member for Bent on Learning, Hope Realized Medical Foundation, and The Juhi Ash Center. She is also Founding Partner of the Mentologist Fund.

There is no public-facing website for the Ozmen Family Office. Further details will be provided to qualified candidates during the interview process.

The Chief of Staff for the Ozmen Family Office is a newly created role for a thoughtful, passionate, and resourceful person who enjoys building and constructing processes, systems, and strategies from scratch. This role must work well independently with a tenacity for identifying efficiencies, better ways to organize, and a keen attention to results.

The Chief of Staff will work in close partnership with the Director of the Ozmen Family Office to formalize the company’s operations, become intentional about its investments and impact, and grow a small team of initiative-taking, mission-oriented people who want to make a difference across diverse communities. This role is for a high-achieving individual with an entrepreneurial mindset who cares deeply about human development and making a positive impact.

This position is remote, but must be proximate to the Director to meet in-person, on occasion, at NeueHouse Madison Square – typically no more than 3-4 days per month.

The Chief of Staff’s responsibilities will encompass three primary areas:

  • Build and formalize systems, processes, and structures to ensure the Director’s highest and best use of time
    • Create and implement systems to create better organization and more efficiencies for family office operations; examples include managing a robust pipeline of requests, establishing criteria for giving, fielding inquiries and questions, and identifying new tools and technologies to keep track of activities
    • Develop centrally accommodated smart calendar that streamlines Director’s time across planning, key initiatives, key meetings, stakeholder engagement, and other activities
    • Identify and adopt new tools and technologies for sustainable business operations; office currently uses Hubspot CRM, Microsoft Office, and Google Sheets
    • Devise formalized processes and standard operating procedures for consistent, accurate, and timely delivery of work
    • Determine additional hiring needs for the family office and lead recruitment efforts, when needed
  • Ensure successful execution of a variety of projects and strategic priorities
    • Serve as lead project manager on a variety of projects and responsibilities related to the family office, including but not limited to, investment projects, charitable giving, and personal property remodels and maintenance
    • Assist in the due diligence process for prospective investments and philanthropic giving
    • Conduct in-depth research to inform potential charitable organizations or investment opportunities that align with the Office’s mission and values
    • Provide consistent and relevant briefing information to the Director prior to all key meetings; synthesize information into concise and relevant points
    • Plan, prepare, and help facilitate quarterly family office meetings by coordinating location, logistics, timing, agenda, communications, and any other materials for all family members
  • Facilitate strong relationship building and integration across internal and external stakeholders
    • Provide strong and consistent relationship building and management of key stakeholders within the family’s sphere; serve as an appropriate and respectful extension of the Director
    • Ensure proper communication occurs between the Director and family members; keep all responsible parties apprised of important updates and progress
    • Work effectively within family dynamics to ensure values and desires are aligned to investments and giving; serve as sounding board to the Director and family members, as needed
    • Inform Director’s decision making with diverse perspectives and information, when appropriate
    • Serve as key optimizer and integrator of all operations within the family office
  • At least 5-7 years’ professional experience in project management, operations, or similar
  • Previous experience and/or enthusiastic interest in psychology, human development, and human behavior
  • Preference for working behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: self-starting mentality with the ability to act with little or no direction
  • Strong integrity with a firm adherence to core values
  • Ability to coordinate time and resources effectively to accomplish objectives within an allotted time period
  • Ability to hold oneself accountable for the responsible use of company resources and information, high use of discretion
  • Vulnerability: a willingness to show emotion or to allow one’s weaknesses to be seen or known
  • Diplomacy: effectively explores alternatives and facilitates agreement or compromise between self and/or others
  • Strong emotional intelligence with the ability to work closely and effectively with a diverse group of people

We know that innovation thrives on teams where diverse points of view come together to solve hard problems.  As such, we explicitly seek people that bring diverse life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds, diverse cultures, and diverse work experiences.  Please be prepared to share with us how your perspective will bring something unique and valuable to our team.