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What keeps you up at night is what gets us up in the morning.

When chaos reigns. When time is against you. When you question the quality of your information. When decision-making is painstakingly slow. When results are sagging. When bold steps are needed.

Our Chief of Staff solutions will move you to action and impact with a turnkey process to give you the space and support you need to reclaim your A-game. 

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Where would a Chief of Staff make your life easier?

While every engagement is tailored to each leader's and organization's distinct needs, the Chief of Staff's role falls into these primary functions. Think of your Chief of Staff as your right hand, committed to you and your success. 

The Goalkeeper
The Goalkeeper
The Goalkeeper manages and triages your workflow and prioritizes, delegates, and completes work on your behalf.
The Operator
The Operator
The Operator adds structure and process for better communication within the office and across teams, and ensures activities run optimally.
The Implementer
The Implementer
The Implementer drives business priorities from start to finish. They execute special projects and initiatives on behalf of you or the organization.
The Integrator
The Integrator
The Integrator creates cohesion among teams and departments, connecting the dots across the organization for improved alignment and engagement.
The Proxy
The Proxy
The Proxy acts on your behalf for greater visibility and accessibility to prevent bottle-necking and promote decision-making when you cannot be present.
The Advisor
The Advisor
The Advisor serves as a strategic thought partner, sounding board, and confidante who helps to inform organizational strategy and decision-making.


How we deliver
our signature results. 

We know the Chief of Staff role first-hand because we were Chiefs of Staff in various industries and sectors. This insider knowledge of the role allows us to achieve the best outcomes for your organization. Our client work is guided by data and research resulting in custom advisory and tailored recommendations.


We assess your workflow, goals, and calendar to determine the right executive office characteristics for you and your organization.


We curate a selection of high-performing Chief of Staff candidates representing diversity in race, gender, and experience who can build a close partnership with you and others in your organization. We source candidates for full-time and interim roles.


We design a comprehensive program to develop you and your Chief of Staff for optimal productivity and performance.


We're proud of the work we do. But don't just take our word for it.

Working with Catherine and the entire Prime Chief of Staff team was an incredible experience. From Sam's first day through completion, Prime aided in molding an incredible talent that has undoubtedly impacted our organization. 

Gregory H. struck
noops, inc.

While working with Prime, I quickly gained an understanding of executive office strategy, allowing me to benchmark my own approach against the practices used at top organizations. My coach worked with me to improve alignment and understanding between my principal and I. My coach's empathy was invaluable; she has already experienced the complexities and challenges of my role, which allowed her to support me in just the ways I needed. 

Andrea Skerritt
CEO Office Director

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We reshape leadership to make organizations more effective.

We are committed to doing the right thing and doing things right for the leaders of today and tomorrow. 


We do our work with purpose and intention. We walk the talk with a keen focus on delivering results, always.


We balance the art and science of being human to deliver well-informed solutions that work for people.


We go big and bold to make your leadership more effective and challenge you for the better. 


Download these resources.

Wondering how a Chief of Staff can enhance executive effectiveness?  Download this free eGuide to learn how the Chief of Staff role can amplify your A-game.

The State of the Chief of Staff is created in partnership with the University of Colorado offering insights into the demographics and impact of the Chief of Staff role.

With more than 200 Chiefs of Staff participating, we have gathered thought-provoking results about the impact of the Chief of Staff role post-pandemic. 


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