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ON This episode…

*Where’s the line? How do you know what constitutes as too much feedback, or not enough? As the Chief of Staff, you might be the only person in a place to provide genuine feedback to the President. For Amber Daniels Fogelman, finding the right balance for providing feedback for the President at OneGoal has been one of the key traits that makes her an effective Chief of Staff, coach, and friend. Receiving feedback puts one in a vulnerable position. When done well, a sense of closeness is created between the President and the Chief of Staff. Get ready to learn about how to navigate the feedback cycle within the Chief of Staff and President relationship, and mutually creating space for growth in the process. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • Tell us more about your role at OneGoal as Chief of Staff to Kwame. (1:41)
  • Tell me about your relationship with Kwame at OneGoal. (4:16)
  • How do you think about your role as advisor or coach to Kwame? (12:29)
  • What is the best method to provide feedback? (21:48)
  • How did you find the right balance to providing feedback to direct reports? (35:38)
  • What key traits make you a great coach? (40:38)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • What makes a great working relationship between a Chief of Staff and President. (4:32)
  • What helped craft a trusting partnership between Amber and Kwame. (9:02)
  • How Amber and Kwame function as accountability partners. (14:45)
  • Why it’s important to give executives feedback. (18:08)
  • How Amber helps expand Kwame’s capacity to make an impact. (34:48)
  • Why having an internal coach is beneficial to the organization overall. (41:38)

Amber Daniels Fogelman — Chief of Staff to the President at OneGoal

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