PODCAST: Just Keep Growing Pt.1

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Are you following your dreams or goals? Have you meticulously laid out each step along the way to achieve your dream? But what if it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would? Sometimes, our own dreams and our “practical” plans to achieve those dreams are the very thing holding us back. Sometimes, you have to let go of your dream in order to make room for an even bigger dream to come into play. That’s one of the many pieces of wisdom that Libby Moore shares with us on today’s episode of Prime Chief of Staff. Like many of us, Libby’s experience of achieving her dream was not a straight-shot journey. It was more like maneuvering through a maze than climbing a ladder. Once she was given the chance to work for Maury Povich, she continued working her way up until she became the Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey. From her experience, being Chief of Staff means juggling a lot, all at once, and not always knowing what your next step is going to be. Libby trusts that the universe will take care of her, as long as she is aware enough to pay attention and listen—even if that means abruptly changing course and letting go of plans and dreams. Even in her most stressful situations, Libby takes the time to sit and listen; she takes the time to focus on her breath and gain awareness. For her, breathing is the bridge between chaos and the calm. This mindset has carried Libby on an incredible journey thus far in her life, allowing her to avoid ever becoming stagnant in her career. Instead, she’s focused on continuous growth. So get ready to learn how Libby maneuvered her life’s maze in order to experience self-acceptance and finally get that first meeting with Oprah Winfrey.

Some Questions I ask:

  • How did your journey begin? (1:27)
  • How did you figure out what you were and were not good at? (6:10)
  • When and how did you meet Oprah? (18:34)

This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How all of Libby’s interests came together to inspire her career. (2:01)
  • The importance of opening yourself up to new possibilities and refusing to settle. (6:16)
  • How Libby recovered after getting fired from a job she hated. (10:04)
  • Libby’s journey to self-acceptance and coming out experience. (13:27)
  • How meditation and breathing can bring you calmness and clarity. (26:42)
  • How Libby prepares for interviews for important conversations. (38:13)

Libby Moore — Former COS of Oprah Winfrey, Founder of Libby Moore Consulting

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