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Do you ever wonder how large companies are miraculously able to make things run smoothly?  Welcome to the Chief of Staff Collective Podcast, where we dive into what it means to hold the Chief of Staff position. From finding your footing in the career to building the relationship between the Chief of Staff and CEO, we connect the professional anecdote to the personal stories of chasing dreams, making mistakes, and always learning along the way.  Join us every other week to hear these stories from professionals at all stages in their careers. We’ll specifically focus on the connection between the Chief of Staff, HR, and other executive leaders, and how essential these relationships are to the success of everyone in the organization.  Whether you’re the CEO of a small business or large corporation, or a part of the Chief of Staff Collective, this is the podcast for you. 

Catherine Berardi — Host of the Chief of Staff Collective Podcast, CEO/founder of Prime Chief of Staff

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It all starts with a conversation.

We love to collaborate with great people at great organizations. Put the power of Prime to work for you to find the Chief of Staff that will help you reclaim your time, your impact, and, of course, your A-game.