Only 9% of executives are highly satisfied with how they spend their time.

WE help you get back to business with a high-performing Chief of Staff.


Learn about the benefits of partnering with us for your Chief of Staff needs:


  • We know the role. We are former Chiefs of Staff with firsthand knowledge and experience. We ask the questions others don't because we understand the nuances of this position.

  • We learn from the COS community. Our vast community of Chiefs of Staff constantly informs our work. We study this role across every sector and industry, we analyze the data, and we provide our findings to our clients and Chiefs.

  • We listen first. No two Chiefs of Staff are the same, so every client engagement is customized and unique to your organization and its needs. Doing our homework up front provides you with the best long-term solution.

  • We do the work. So you don’t have to. Think of us as your outsourced Chief of Staff during our engagement. Saving you time by doing the heavy lifting is our priority.

  • We partner with you. We do not believe in a transactional approach. We expect our clients to be highly engaged for the best results.

  • We stay in touch. We are actively engaged with our network of clients and Chiefs because although our service may end, your learning and development does not.

  • We are a one-stop shop. We offer a full suite of services to help your organization understand, utilize, and develop your Chief of Staff role(s).

PRIME Services

We provide full-service, customized solutions related to understanding, placing, onboarding, developing, and coaching your organization’s potential or current Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff role is not one-size-fits-all, and neither is our approach. Learn more about each of our services below.


A Chief of Staff must work to meet the challenges and priorities of your specific organization. That's why we partner with you to understand the nuances of your leadership and organization through a needs assessment. This consultative approach helps us determine the right profile for a productive and successful Chief of Staff. This is a critical first step for all organizations considering a Chief of Staff.


Identifying the right person to fill your organization's Chief of Staff position(s) is essential. You want to get this hire right the first time. There are several key skills required to perform the role’s various responsibilities as well as a number of behavioral traits that make a Chief of Staff a true partner for your leadership. Our placement services focus on identifying candidates who match both the technical and behavioral skills required. Through a proprietary approach, we also find ways for the leader and Chief of Staff candidates to build chemistry, even during the selection process, for better results.

We believe onboarding is vital for every incoming Chief of Staff. Due to the demands of the position as well as its many facets, it is important for leaders and organizations to take a thoughtful and dedicated approach to integrating a Chief of Staff appropriately. While the learning curve can be steep, onboarding programs are proven to reduce time to productivity and get your Chief of Staff up to speed more quickly.

We believe the Chief of Staff role is one of the best ways to create future leaders for your organization. Through development programs and succession planning, we help companies build a pipeline of Chief of Staff talent for seamless transitions. We also work with organizations to create pathways beyond the Chief of Staff role to ensure lasting retention of high-performing employees.

The nature of a Chief of Staff role is to focus on others (the “of Staff” part of the title). It is also a rigorous one in its efforts to optimally support a key executive and the organization. Nevertheless, an effective Chief of Staff must consider his or her own needs and development goals. We provide coaching for new and existing Chiefs of Staff to ensure full integration and productivity. Through a comprehensive action-oriented process, our certified professional coaches offer the opportunity for professional development and leadership effectiveness.

PRIME Clients

We work tirelessly for our clients--from fast-growing startups to large enterprises across all industries--to provide the right Chief of Staff solutions. See a representative client list below.


  • Activision Blizzard
  • Ariel Investments
  • Asia Alternatives
  • Baker Technologies
  • Dambisa Moyo

  • Dow Jones
  • Mars, Incorporated
  • NCLD
  • OneGoal
  • Richmond Global
  • Sea Hunter Therapeutics
  • Sequoia Consulting Group
  • Skywalker Properties
  • Understood.org
  • Walton Family Foundation