The Executive Office Effectiveness Diagnostic

Identify the strengths present within your principal and colleagues and uncover the areas where your personal expertise matters most. Our insights give you language and data that convey your value. Discover precisely what your executive team needs and then be that, elevating your principal and getting your organization closer to its goals.

Your first Effectiveness Diagnostic and results meeting are complimentary.

Uncover your value. Optimize your entire office.

Skip the guesswork when it comes to team performance and cohesiveness. 

The Effectiveness Diagnostic is a tool used by executive offices to discover, develop, and measure the strengths of their team.

Our advisors score your team members on our 6 Key Effectiveness Practices, providing data that illustrates how your team functions together and what makes each person a valuable contributor. As a result, each member of your team will be confident in their contributions and have a clear picture of how they can grow.

The Effectiveness Diagnostic provides quarterly insights on each member of your executive office.

The Effectiveness Diagnostic is performed each quarter, providing a picture of where your team currently excels, areas for growth, and an opportunity to measure how your strengths develop over time. 

Quarterly access to the diagnostic means data on your growth is guaranteed all year long. Your first diagnostic is complimentary and your team's results will be presented to you by our expert advisors. 

6 Key Effectiveness Practices 

The Effectiveness Diagnostic provides numerical scores on each of our 6 Key Effectiveness Practices, uncovering where your team's strengths lie and where there is room for growth. Your personal scores on these six practices will give you data to demonstrate and measure your value. Benchmark your progress quarterly to see your effectiveness grow over time and compare scores to uncover the varied expertise present on your team.

Time management

Effective Communication

Pinpoint Strengths

Intentional Prioritization


Strong Decision making

Discover your executive office team's unique blend of skills that will elevate your principal and get your organization closer to its goals.

Our advisors have 49 years of combined executive office experience.

See Your Starting Point

The Effectiveness Diagnostic assesses for our 6 Key Effectiveness Practices. With our approach, you will uncover your team's strengths, areas for growth, and how your team's skills blend together to support your organization's goals. 

Learn Best Practices

With over 150 clients served, Prime is the expert on executive offices and Chiefs of Staff. We have the frameworks, tools, and practices that will optimize your executive office. Let us be your support system.

Measure Your Progress

Paint the full picture of your effectiveness with quarterly insights on your team's strengths. Use our data to create performance benchmarks and convey value to your board and broader executive team. 

Let our playbook guide your impact.

The Effectiveness Diagnostic benefits every member of your executive office, regardless of the size or experience of your team.

For the Chief of Staff

  • Have a clear path of development 
  • Put numerical value behind what you bring to the table 
  • Discover tactical ways your strengths can enable your principal to be more effective

For the Principal

  • Get quarterly snapshots of your team's progress 
  • Understand your own fortés and know the best way to leverage your team
  • Reclaim valuable hours by strategically—and effectively—utilizing every member of your executive office  

For other support professionals

  • Identify the skills you bring to the table
  • Understand your colleagues' strengths, increasing confidence in your place among the team
  • Find out precisely how you can best support your supervisors

See where you excel. Learn how to level up. Measure your value and growth.

Are you ready for an even better executive office?

The Effectiveness Diagnostic is ready when you are.

The assessment is self-guided, simple, and won't take more than 10 minutes of your time. Simply request access to your complimentary diagnostic below. Once each member of your executive office completes the assessment, a Prime advisor will schedule a 30-minute results meeting. Your advisor will provide team and individual scores, any gaps in strengths that the data shows, and recommendations based on our 49 years of combined experience and 150+ clients served. 

We build a custom package of frameworks, processes, and tools for you, then provide expert guidance on how to deploy them. Request access to Prime Chief of Staff's proprietary Effectiveness Diagnostic below and start levelling up.