Emi Gorges

Marketing Associate

Emi is a Marketing Associate at Prime where she helps run our social media platforms, content creation, and advertising work. She focuses on letting everyone know Prime's mission and getting new clients just as excited about our services as we are.

As a recent graduate from University of Colorado Boulder, Emi is eager to use her marketing and management degrees to bring new ideas to the team. She has a passion for design and recognizes the importance of creating a cohesive brand. She pushes towards using data to drive our marketing decisions, bridging the gap between data-driven and creative approaches.

Previously, Emi was an intern at Prime and is invested in continuing to build on her learnings from that time. During this period, she was involved in our first-ever campaign with hopes to run many more in the future. Emi is excited to continue her journey at Prime through this next step in her career.

Outside of work, she does her best to make the most of her 20s. Whether traveling to a new city, going to concerts, or challenging herself with a difficult hike, you will find Emi out experiencing the world with friends and family.


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