Ariana Seymore

Placement Manager

Ariana is a Placement Manager at Prime where she engages in the placement process to ensure that clients’ needs are met, and candidates feel supported.

With a background in nonprofits, education, and entertainment, Ariana enjoys working with people and pushing opportunities and growth forward while making sure that all stakeholders are valued. She is also in the process of learning data science and analytics so that her work is better informed by well-studied insights.

Before joining Prime, Ariana was a Program Manager at America Needs You, where she oversaw a professional fellowship and mentorship program for first-generation college students in Los Angeles. Though she wore many hats in this role, one of her main duties was recruiting over 150+ students and volunteers for the program and ensuring their engagement, retention, and ultimate success. Prior to that, she started her professional career in the entertainment industry, supporting agents and executives working on various projects in the scripted television space. Ariana is excited to bring her exposure from different industries and experience with collaborating with unique clients and stakeholders to deliver the best service according to Prime’s mission and purpose.

Ariana graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Public Policy - Urban Planning and a minor in Cinematic Arts. At USC, she was heavily involved in campus leadership, particularly with student government and the Black Student Assembly. Outside of work, Ariana loves to spend time outside as a novice urban gardener. She also loves to cook, watch the latest HBO show or Marvel movie, and spend time with her two cats.


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